A unique, theatrical experience, perfect for smaller events or for those wishing to give their guests something a little bit different. A side room in your venue or home is mysteriously marked with the words: ‘Room 42.’ No explanation as to what is inside the room is given, however, guests are invited to enter in small groups to discover what it is.

Once the performance has finished, your guests will rejoin the party but are asked to keep their experience in the room a secret until the end of the evening; retaining the room’s distinctive enigma. This also creates a feeling of suspense and anticipation for your other guests as they wait to be invited inside.

The joy of Room 42, is that it allows Stephen to perform the perfect type of intimate magic in a unique and specialised style; so your guests can experience incredible conjuring in a memorable and astonishing way.

Guests can be invited into the room via 2 different ways. The first is that you, as host, can escort them into the room one group at a time. This is perfect if you want to participate in the experience yourself and can help build your guests’ anticipation. It also provides you with an opportunity to engage with your guests’ in a relaxed and intriguing way.

The other option is via a ticket system. Upon arrival, each of your guests will be provided with a coloured envelope which must remain sealed until requested. The envelope will contain their ticket enabling them to enter the room. As the night progresses, a mysterious voice will be heard inviting guests possessing certain coloured envelopes to immediately make their way to the room. Here they will be greeted and invited inside.

Each performance will last approximately 15 minutes.