to 'The Flying Card!', a fantastic new DVD, where Stephen Williams Jr (star of the BAFTA Award Winning 'Tricky TV') will teach YOU how to perform the amazing Flying Card Trick!

Stephen has performed the Flying Card Trick around the World, and on television. Now, for the first time, he will teach you exactly how he does it, and how you can do it too!

WHAT YOU'LL GET - Your package will contain, not only the DVD, but also a very special gimmick, and everything else you'll need to perform this incredible illusion!

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN - On this DVD, you'll learn how to spin a playing card and make it float in mid-air!

The card will fly from one hand to the other, and then all the way around your body! Make a hoop with your arms, and the playing card will fly right the way through! This is an amazing trick, that you can do!

All this, is taught by the star of the BAFTA Award Winning 'Tricky TV', Stephen Williams Jr.

Buy this fantastic DVD, complete with everything you'll need to perform the incredible Flying Card Trick, for just £15!

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