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Whether you're planning the office Christmas party, booking the end of year entertainment for your club, or any other event or gathering this holiday season, leave a lasting impression and inspire your guests by hiring a professional magician.

Stephen Williams Jr is an award winning master of both close up, and cabaret magic. He excites and astonishes audiences with a classy and charming style, and has been featured on television and at shows across the UK, wowing the general public and celebrities alike.

What Magic can Stephen perform this Christmas?

Having won the World Junior Magic Championship in 2010, creating and performing in his own variety show, and appearing in commercials and on shows like Richard & Judy, Stephen is unfazed by any crowd or setting. He can seamlessly mingle with your guests and perform with perfection on any stage. There are two types of act commonly performed depending on your event, though a combination of the two is also popular. All are available this Christmas.

Close Up Magician

Close up or table magic is brilliant for Christmas parties and social gatherings as an ice-breaker or to add to a lively atmosphere. Stephen will unobtrusively mingle with your guests while performing amazing tricks and magic, that will leave people laughing in astonishment. Staying neither too long nor too short at any one table, he's an expert of reading the room and creating a buzz. His confident and charming style will leave everybody talking at the end of the night.

Cabaret Magic

Cabaret magic is a stage act performed in front of your guests as a designated period of entertainment. Stephen's act is a true piece of theatre that will keep the audience engaged and excited for around 45 minutes, though it can be tailored to your individual needs. He is known for his smart and respectable appearance, and allows his proficient conjuring to impress the crowd, rather than relying on clichéd wackiness.

A cabaret show can be worked in alongside other Christmas entertainment and is perfect for large events and as a respite between other scheduling.

You can watch more of Stephen Williams Jr's incredible magic trick videos by subscribing to him on YouTube:

Room 42

Room 42 is a unique combination of close up and cabaret magic that creates mystery and excitement amongst your party. Perfect for more intimate gatherings, it involves designating a room where Stephen will perform his act, but not informing anybody ahead of time. Guests are either given a mystery ticket or are escorted by you at intervals to the room, where an intimate display of conjuring will take them by surprise. The trick is that guests are told not to discuss room 42 when they rejoin the party, keeping it an ongoing place of intrigue.

At the end of the night, nobody will forget your Christmas event.

Contact the Christmas Party Magician

The Christmas period is a time of fun, excitement and celebration. Why not make this year's holiday period a memorable one, with the world renowned magic enigma that is Stephen Williams Jr. Visit the contact page to enquire about bookings for your event.