Wedding Magician: 28th August 2015. Gibbon Bridge Hotel, Preston.

Arriving back in the UK from Las Vegas at 11am that morning - my friends and I quickly picked up our luggage from the carousel and jumped into the car, heading back to Liverpool. As a side note, I fly on a regular basis to perform my close up and stage magic shows, so I use a brilliant device called TrakDot which send an email to my phone (and updates via an app) to tell me if my luggage has arrived at the airport, the second I turn my phone on. Let me tell you, as simple as it sounds, it takes a tremendous amount of stress out of that awkward wait, as you’re lining up in the hope that your luggage has arrived with you!

After a quick sleep, I got my close up magic ready and headed off to the Gibbon Bridge Hotel in Preston, for the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Hulbert at 6pm that night.

After a 2 week holiday, it was brilliant to be able to dive straight back into performing - and I’m delighted to say the guests were amazing. I’d been hired to perform 2 hours of close up magic for the 90 guests in attendance, and it couldn’t have been better. Everyone was in a brilliant mood (especially after what I was told were some particularly memorable speeches) so it was brilliant to be able to add to the day.

The weather was on our side and I ended up performing out in the hotel’s garden in the sun! It wasn’t quite Las Vegas temperatures, but who am I to complain…