Chester Magician

Magician Chester // Strange Gigs As a magician in Chester, I’m asked to perform at all off kinds of events - ranging from corporate awards dinners, to weddings and birthday parties. No matter what the event, the chances are I’ve been asked to perform at it at one point or another.

In fact, a strange one has just come to mind: I received a phone call about 8pm on Thursday, 28th February 2015 from a guy asking if I’d be available to perform at 7:30am the next morning! 7:30am!

A booking that last minute is fairly unusual (although not uncommon), but one so early in the morning is almost unheard of.

It turned out that the person phoning was from a vacuum cleaner sales company, and every so often they give their sales team something exciting and different to start their day. It helps them to sell more machines, apparently. They’d had morning discos; singers; and now, wanted a magician.

So, the following morning, after a huge cup of coffee (magicians generally don’t get up that early), I set off for the sales centre. When I arrived they were just about the wrap up a morning brief, after which they were going to introduce me.

To make it more surprising for the team, they didn't want to introduce me as ‘a magician.’ Rather, they told the staff that I was the owners son (young looks have to come in handy at some point) and that I’d be giving a talk on the companies numbers.

Having me be the ‘bosses son’ was a really fun idea actually. So now, in character, I stood in front of the collective 40 or so sales force and presented an impromptu presentation on the company - of which I knew nothing about, other than the words ‘vacuum cleaner.’

I offered to give a demonstration on how the team can improve their monthly sales, and asked if anyone had a banknote. Someone, who seemed slightly skeptical, reached into their wallet and handed me a £20 note. Slowly, I rolled it up; picked up the glasses of water which was on the table and continued to produce a real goldfish from it.

The response from the room was huge. They genuinely had no idea I was a magician and were fully expecting a tedious talk about finance, so the production of a live goldfish couldn’t have been more unexpected. It has nothing to do with ‘improving their monthly sales’ of course, but I thought it was as good an excuse as any.

I reintroduced myself to the group, now as the magician, and the next 20 minutes or so flew by. It turned out to be a really brilliant morning and was a really fun thing to do… even though it was at 7:30am.

Looking at my calendar for that day, is also happened that I was performing at The Griffin in Cheadle, Chester than night as well. The manager at the time, Lee, was looking for something different to attract customers to the restaurant on Friday nights and to get them talking about the venue with their friends - so he decided to have ‘Magic Fridays.’ It was a really good idea actually; not only were the guests getting great food, but they were also getting some close up magic right at their table, completely free.

I performed at The Griffin for a number of months, but unfortunately due to now performing out of the UK for the majority of the year, I was no longer able to continue. Close up magic is definitely something I’d recommend to restaurant owners though - it’s fun; it will get your guests talking about the restaurant and can also be perfect addition to particularly busy nights - keeping the guests happy whilst they wait for their food.

So if you’re holding a party, wedding or even something a bit more unusual in Chester (or anywhere for that matter), feel free to contact me via the contact page above; I’d love to be a part of it.