Manchester Magician - The Secret Room

I’m often requested to be a close up or stage magician at weddings and corporate events in Manchester, but I’m also occasionally asked if I’d be available to perform at private parties in houses in Manchester - whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or celebration. These are usually brilliant fun and can be some of my favourite events to perform at - but due to the unique situation of the event being in a house, I often like to offer my ‘mystery room’ magic show, Room 42.

Imagine having a room allocated in your house or venue, with a sign on the door saying ‘Room 42.’ The guests have no idea what is inside the room, but are invited the enter in small groups; typically of between 5-10 people, depending on the number of guests.

Upon entering the room, they’ll meet me and get to watch and be involved in a private magic show, just for them.

Here’s the exciting bit: once the performance has finished they are able to re-join the party, but are asked to keep what happens in the room a secret. They can tell people how much they enjoyed it but they cannot say that is it a magic show. This creates an amazing and unique buzz around the party, and builds a huge sense of anticipation whilst the other guests wait to be invited inside.

Room 42 is not only a phenomenally different and fun addition to an event, but it also has a number of other added benefits as well. Firstly, due to the room being free of any distractions that often happen when I’m performing as a close up magician (new people joining the group or arriving to the party; food being brought over; speeches suddenly starting mid-way through a trick etc.) it means your guests are able to fully enjoy the magic without everything else happening in the room at the same time.

Secondly, it’s allows you as the host to chat to your guests and ensure you get to see everyone. As the organiser of the party, you’ll probably find yourself in the position of being a ‘social butterfly,’ trying to see as many of your guests as possible. With Room 42, you’ll be able to ensure you get to chat to everyone, as you invite them to enter the room in small groups. You’ll also get to see first hand the excitement and anticipation your guests will experience as they wait to be brought inside.

Thirdly, it’s different! Your guests will undoubtedly remember your party for having such an exciting and distinctive form of entertainment - and the fact that they’re not able to talk about what is inside the room only builds up the suspense.

Each performance inside Room 42 generally runs around 10 minutes, but this time can be made longer or shorter depending on your number of guests and how many groups there will be.

So whether you’re looking for close up magic in Manchester or a Room 42 performance in Manchester, feel free to contact me to get more information and a quote.