Performing for Royalty... Nearly.


Corporate Magician in Cheshire Stephen Williams. Magician performing for royalty in Cheshire. Best Magician for hire in Cheshire.So, last night I was invited to perform close up magic at the Duke of Westminster's Estate; Eaton Hall in Cheshire, for an event in aid of the incredible charity, The Prince's Trust. I knew that Prince Charles and Camilla had been in attendance for the previous two years of the event - so not only was I delighted to be a part of the evening, but this, excitingly, was my chance to perform for royalty. Upon entering the grounds I drove passed wild deer, horses and geese. The vast amount of grounds the estate encompassed was quite astonishing, and I, rather embarrassingly, found myself getting lost. Security wasn't long behind me though and were happy to direct...

I was told where would be best to park; so surrounded by stunning Bentleys, Jaguars and Ferraris, I reversed my Corsa into the allocated space and made my way towards the main building. The Corsa is only for insurance reasons, honest.

Walking into the private black-tie affair, rocking a pair of brilliantly white trainers; pockets filled with all manner of magical paraphernalia and a small goldfish tank in hand; I was ready to perform. The event was absolutely fantastic, and there was a real, palpable buzz within the room. I couldn't see any members of the royal family there just yet... stuck in traffic, I'd imagine. Well, either that or I'd stolen their parking space.

The main part of the evening was held within an hugely impressive marquee, provided by Mahood Marquees. I had been hired to provide close up magic throughout the evening, before the star guest for the evening, Lulu, performed an intimate 1 hour set for the 350 invited attendees.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the magic, and it was great to be a part of the night and meet so many interesting people. Unfortunately, however, an announcement was made to say that Prince Charles and Camilla wouldn't be able to make it but sent their best. This was a real shame, as I would have loved to have shown them some magic; mostly, if I'm honest, because it would have looked brilliant on the website.

Although it was a bit disappointing that members of the royal family couldn't make it, Lulu was there; so that still counts, doesn't it?


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