Magician Manchester

So this was it, my last event before Christmas Day. It's been an absolutely exhausting but really fun month, and I've had a great time performing as a close up magician in Manchester and around the country. Still in the festive spirit, I walked into The Midland Hotel in Manchester, black forest hot chocolate in hand, and was immediately stuck by the huge Christmas tree in the centre of the hotel foyer. I even managed to take a cheeky selfie (above). The Midland is a lovely hotel which I've performed at several times - but this event was a company christmas party. They'd gone to Mike, the event planner, looking for something unique that would really get the party going and have a real buzz in the room. Mike recommended me and my close up magic. After taking a look at my video and testimonials on this website the company confirmed the booking. It was actually my second event that day, as earlier on, I'd been invited to perform as a magician in Liverpool for a very Chrstmassy wedding! I'll upload some pictures in another post.

I'd been told I was performing on the 6th floor, but as I approached the lift I noticed a 'filming notice' sign. Apparently they're filming a new TV show in the hotel and said that guests, by entering the hotel, could be captured on film at any point. Optimistically, I looked around for the cameras, planning on showing them a trick (free publicity and all that) but unfortunately it seemed like they'd gone home for the day. This was, after all, 8:30pm on a Saturday night so I can't say I blame them really.

The company, of around 40 employees, had hired a lovely intimate room with just 4 tables. It can be brilliant performing at an event like this, as with there not being a huge number of guests it allows me to really get to know them as have some fun based on what is happening in the room... I don't think Julie will ever live that trivia question down!

The night was fantastic and the guests seemed really up for not only the magic, but just having a real laugh. Never before have I been at an event where the room bursts into spontaneously singing Rick Astley's hit, 'Never Gonna Give You Up' quite like these did! There wasn't even any background music playing so I've got no idea how it happened. Absolutely brilliant!

If you're looking to hire a close up magician in Manchester (or anywhere else really) take a look at my video below: