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I started doing magic when I was six years old, and became a professional magician as soon as I finished school at the age of 16. I have 4 years’ no-claims on my driver’s licence. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell. I wouldn’t blame you, of course, if you finished reading there… but if you would like to find out more about me - how I got started; how I went from being a magician to a helicopter pilot (kind of) and back again; and how a chance Robbie Williams gig completely catapulted my career, along with all manner of other misdemeanours that have happened so far - then do continue.

This isn’t an autobiography per se; it’s more an overview of my life, in consecutive order, told from my perspective. So it’s almost exactly like an autobiography, just without the publishing deal.

See this as a kind of buffet of stories rather than one flowing piece. Much like a buffet however, there will be some parts you like, some parts you don't like, and some parts that look suspiciously like they have rat shit in them. That’s all part of the fun though, isn’t it?

Feel free to dive into the different sections in any order you want with a sense of wild abandon. Want to start at the end? Be my guest! SPOILER ALERT: The main character doesn’t die. Not yet, anyway.

To be honest, this isn't an autobiography; instead, it’s just a brief overview of some key events that have happened for me professionally so far. I’ve not gone into a tremendous amount of detail for any of them really, just enough to see what the response is like and if anyone would like to find out more. If so, pop your email address into the box on the right and I’ll keep you up the date with the progress. Plugging done.

Currently I’m writing this at Heathrow Airport, waiting to board an airplane for some magic shows I’m performing in Nassau, Bahamas - but we’ve got a fair few years to get through before finding out how I got here - so whack on the kettle, grab some baked goods (a pain au chocolat, ideally) and let’s begin.

The Beginning: Ages 0 - 5

Shape of My Heart Card Magic Routine

stephen-williams-russ-stevens-shape.jpg Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who came to my show at The Epstein Theatre in Liverpool last week! I'm delighted to say the show had completely sold out about a month before an the night and I had an absolutely brilliant time performing! If you were able to get a ticket I really hope you enjoyed it!

I'd also like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved behind the scenes, including Russ Stevens; the director of the show, Dan Burgess; who took some fantastic photos of the night (which can be seen on my Facebook page), Sean Hyland, Paul Cryer, Paul Dunlop and the technicians, Jordan and Gregg.

Russ Stevens played a huge roll is the show right since the very beginning, and I really cannot thank him enough for all his time, help and support over the last few months! The video above is of me performing one of Russ' most cherished routines, which was an absolute honour and a huge privilege to perform.

Due to the success of the night, I'm thinking of doing something of a magic show tour, perhaps taking it to theatres in Chester, Manchester and Southport? I'm just finding out what the interest would be at the minute, so if you'd possibly like to come to one of them, please join the newsletter below to find out more when I do.

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A £35k Ring, You Say?


I performed alongside Tony Hadley last night (I thought I'd get the name-drop in early doors), at a rather swanky event in St Georges Hall, Liverpool. It was in aid of The Prince's Trust, and I'm delighted to say that it was the second event I've performed for them so far. The event was a huge success with thousands of pounds being raised for the charity. I'd been hired to provide close up magic during the drinks reception, followed by between courses, and with it being for such a good cause it was a real pleasure to be a part of the night.

It was an evening full of incredible entertainment; an auction with some of the best items I've ever seen; and a raffle with the prize being an incredible diamond ring worth over £35k! Amazingly, a ring is donated to the event every year - so when I heard about this, I promptly found last years winner and I asked if she'd mind if I took the ring of her... for a magic trick of course, it wasn't just a polite mugging.

Ring in hand (and with the lady's husband, who just so happened to be much taller than I am, watching my every move) I performed for the table one of my most requested tricks - in which a borrowed finger ring disappears in a cloud of smoke, and reappears moments later, attached onto my car keys which have been in view since the very beginning! It is one of my favourites to perform, but it does make it slightly more exciting when you know the ring is worth more than the entire car! I did ask if she'd like to swap, but alas...

Come to Stephen's Live Show! Stephen Williams Poster Small World Champion Magician; Stephen Williams will be will be performing some brand new magic, along with some of his favourites live at the Epstein Theatre, Liverpool.

Directed by Russ Stevens; Stephen’s jaw-dropping and original magic is guaranteed to leave you wondering, “Just how did he do that?”

Stephen was a presenter on the BAFTA Award Winning Tricky TV; he was a featured performer on Richard & Judy and has performed internationally; including Atlanta, Georgia for the Society of American Magicians and Tokyo, Japan for Sony.

“Astonishing magic! Really brilliant… loved it!” – Ant & Dec.

“Superb! This show is a must see!” – Stephen Mulhern.

“I despise magicians, but I really enjoyed that!” – Simon Cowell.

TICKETS: All 450 seats have now sold out, however there is a reservation list available for those who were unable to get tickets. Just enter your details into the box below to be the first to find out if any become available.

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THEATRE & BOX OFFICE LOCATION: The Epstein Theatre (formerly The Neptune Theatre), Hanover House, 85 Hanover St, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 3DZ

SHOW TIMES: Doors Open: 7pm Show Starts: 8pm

New Show - 30th January 2015


I’ve been working on a brand new stage show and I’ll be performing it in Liverpool on Friday, 30th January. The show will be split into two halves; the first halve being stage magic and the second being sleight of hand magic, projected onto a big screen. Tickets will become available next week – so to find out about it first, pop you’re email address into the box below and you’ll to get all the info sent straight to your inbox as soon as I have it.

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