Magician Hire

Corporate Magician: 14th November 2015. Skipton, Yorkshire.

Wealth management company, The Pentelow Practice, hired me for their annual client event in November of last year, at Goldsborough Hall in North Yorkshire. They hold the event to celebrate and thank some of their biggest clients; so invited me along to perform some close up magic (and a hint of stage magic) on the night. Following the event, Lynn, the lady who had hired me for the night, sent me the below lovely email:

“Hi Stephen, Just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you on behalf of The Pentelow Practice for performing for us at our recent Black Tie Event at Goldsborough Hall. You helped to create a wonderful atmosphere for both clients and ourselves at the Drinks Reception and during dinner. Some great close up magic tricks which took everyone by surprise and a wonderful finale. We will not hesitate in booking you again for future events.” - Lynn Snarr; The Pentelow Practice Ltd

A few months later, Lynn got in touch with me again to see if I'd be available to perform at this years event - this time held at the fantastic Broughton Hall in Skipton. There were roughly 100 guests in attendance so I suggested that 2 hours of close up magic would be perfect.

It was brilliant to be asked back by Lynn and a pleasure to see them all there again! I'm looking forward to seeing them all again next year...

Birthday Party Magician: 7th November 2015. Liverpool.

I was hired a number of years ago to perform close up magic at an Anniversary Party in Liverpool, for a man called James Walsh and his lovely wife. The following year, James asked me back to perform at his son's 40th birthday party - and now, 3 years on, he got in touch again to see if I'd be available to perform at his own birthday party! It's always brilliant when someone who has hired me before get's in touch again about other events, so performing 3 events for James and his family has been an absolute pleasure!

The birthday party was being held in Liverpool and there were going to be around 120 of James' family and friends in attendance, so I suggested that 2 hours of close up magic would be perfect. It's always great seeing people who I've performed for again; and although I've only met them in person a handful of times, it's strangely, just like seeing old friends. We're able to have a laugh and chat just were we left off the last time.

It's was a pleasure being a part of the night and performing for them all again, and I'll looking forward to seeing them all at another party in a few years time.

Close Up Magician: 3rd November 2015. Manchester.

I was invited along to perform close up magic at a private event in Manchester on the 3rd November 2015. The organisers had told me that there were going to be a number of high-profile celebrities in attendance, so they were looking to hire someone with a huge amount of experience - not only with performing in general, but also performing specifically to celebrities. They'd been passed my details by an events company who I've work with a number of times before on similar events, so they thought I'd be perfect for the night. The event was held in one of Manchester's most exclusive venues and I'd delighted to say that the magic seemed to go down a storm! As expected, there were a number of A-list celebrities in attendance, so it's always brilliant to be able to entertain some of the people you've grown up watching - and is always a huge honour to be a part of such a private event.

If you're looking to hire a close up magician in Manchester (or even a stage magician in Manchester), check out the videos below to see the kind of thing I'm able to offer:

Stage Magician: 21st Oct - 26th Oct 2015. P&O Oceana, Cruise Ship.

My third and final cruise for the month was on the lovely P&O Oceana, which on this occasion, I was meeting in Venice. On board I performed my two, different 45 minute stage magic shows - and I'm delighted to say that they seemed to be a real hit with the audience! I'm looking forward to being back on board soon...

Stage Magician: 5th Oct - 19th Oct 2015. Balmoral, Cruise Ship.

Throughout October, I found myself performing on the Balmoral Cruise Ship. I flew out to Nassau, Bahamas to meet the ship and spent the next 2 weeks travelling around the Caribbean. I'm away on cruise ships for the majority of next year, so I'll be sure to take pictures and write abut the various locations I visit, here on the blog. In the meantime though, here's a video of the act I performed on board:

Stage Magician: 26th Sept - 3rd Oct 2015. Azura, Cruise Ship.

I’m currently writing this in Lisbon, Portugal. I’m on board the P&O Azura cruise ship and we’re just about to set off for our next port. I’ve performed on this ship before, so it’s an absolute pleasure to be back. The facilities are amazing - everything from a poolside cinema to a 1500 seater theatre! The food is lovely as well, though I must say my sweet-tooth does me no favours at the buffet. I have to stop myself from ravenously eating all manner of baked goods every time I pass.

I’m on board until Saturday and have performed my 2 different 45 minute stage magic shows already, which I’d delighted to say seem to have gone down brilliantly with the guests. I also debuted a brand new trick in one of the shows, which I’ve been really excited about performing, so it’s brilliant to have such great feedback from it.

Right, well I’m off to get another coffee and a cake…

Corporate Magician: 20th September 2015. Tesco Party, Frodsham.

A branch of Tesco in Frodsham was celebrating it’s 10 Year Anniversary at the Forest Hills Hotel, so asked if I could go along to entertain the managers and employees - starting the evening off with a bang. They’d been recommended my details by someone who had seen me perform before, so they were looking for close up magic - strolling from group to group and table to table, before the evening disco started. The event was a huge amount of fun (who doesn’t love a free company party) and one trick in particular seemed to be the real talking point of the night, so I’ll be sure to upload a video of that one soon.

It was great to be able to add to the party, and they booked my that night to perform at their Christmas event as well, which is absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait to see them all again there!

Corporate Magician: 23rd September 2015. Manchester.

I work closely with a number of the other professional close up and stage magicians in the UK, and it’s always brilliant fun when I’m able to perform alongside one or more of them at various events. There can be a number of reasons for having multiple magicians - typically if there are more than around 120 guests at an event, you may want to consider having more than one magician perform, so that all of your guests are able to get involved with the magic. I’m more than happy to arrange this on your behalf, and can organise as many magicians as are required. What’s perfect about this, is that you know you’re only going to be getting the best magicians, without the headache of having to find them all and arrange it all yourself.

This was the case for this event. Another magician friend of mine had been asked if he could arrange 3 magicians to perform close up magic at a major corporate event in Manchester, so he phoned me to ask if I was available.

As it happened I was, and it was an absolute pleasure to performed at. One of the great things about working alongside other magicians, is none only the interaction between us all, but also the unique tricks that we’re able to perform as a team which wouldn’t be possible if we were performing on our own. It’s those moments that really make performing alongside other magicians fun and exciting.

If you’re holding an event in Manchester and are looking for a close up or stage magician (or several), take a look at the video below and get in touch today:

Wedding Magician: 19th September 2015. The Double Tree Hilton, Chester.

Having travelled from my previous event in North Yorkshire, I arrived at The Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Chester, for the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Colston. Lee, the groom, had been in touch with me to see if I could offer some close up magic after the wedding breakfast and speeches. This is often my favourite time to perform at a wedding, because there is no longer the pressure of the speeches for the head table; and the guests are always in a brilliant mood (food always seems to do that) - so having table magic here is a brilliant way to start the night.

The wedding was full to the brim with guests and everyone seemed to love the magic! There was a real buzz around the room that was really fun to be a part of.

It’s always brilliant when I’m able to add to someone’s special day, and it’s a real privilege to be invited down to perform.

If you’re having a party or wedding in Chester and are thinking of hiring a close up magician, take a look at the video below to see the kinds of reactions that you can expect from your guests:

Wedding Anniversary Magician: 19th September 2015. Cow Bridge Barn, Skipton.

This was my first event of the day, and what a unique and fun one it was! I was sent an email by Hannah Wright, who was organising a party for her parent’s 25th Wedding Anniversary. She’d been recommended my services by Broughton Hall in North Yorkshire, where I’d performed a few months earlier. A huge thank you to Broughton Hall for the recommendation! Hannah really wanted to go ‘all out’ on this party and thought having me perform close up magic on the day would really add something special.

The party was going to be held in her parents magnificent home in Skipton. Not only did they have close up magic, but she’d also hired a hog roast caterers for the day as well - along with an enormous teepee, complete with log fires in case it got cold during the evening. It really did look incredible.

I’d been hired to perform close up magic as the guests were arriving, and it really couldn’t have been a nicer day. The sun was blazing and everyone was in an amazing mood, so it was brilliantly fun to perform at.

After I’d finished, I jumped into my car and dashed off to my next event.

Shame I missed out on the hog roast, though…

Wedding Magician: 12th September 2015. Thornton Hall, Wirral.

Occasionally, as on this occasion, a relative of the bride or groom hire me to perform close up magic in ‘secret’ as a surprise for the couple. It’s a really lovely idea I think (although, I may be slightly bias) and it can be a brilliant gift. A lady called Lesley contacted me via email to enquire as to my availability to perform at Thornton Hall Hotel in the Wirral, for her daughters wedding. She told me the bride and groom both love magic and that she wasn’t going to tell them about it until the day.

I’ve performed at Thornton Hall on quite a few occasions (most recently at an Indian Wedding for a whopping 300 guests), so I know the rooms and layout quite well.

There were around 70 daytime guests, with that number roughly doubling for the evening guests - so Lesley asked if I could perform during the ‘transition’; as the main room was being turned over and the evening guests were just starting to arrive.

This, I think, is a brilliant time to have the magic. It stops any potential ‘lull’ that could occur at this point and is a fantastic way to welcome the evening guests as they’re arriving.

It was a warm evening, so the majority of the guests moved from the main room into the hotel’s garden, where they were able to watch the sunset and magic! It was a really fun night and fantastic to be a part of. I’d delighted to say that the bride and groom loved the magic as well.

I received this lovely testimonial from Lesley the following day:

Thank you Stephen for a breathtaking performance at my Daughters Wedding last week. Everyone is still talking about were amazing...Thanks again for helping to make the day so special.

Posted by Lesley Farrell on Friday, 18 September 2015

"Thank you Stephen for a breathtaking performance at my Daughters Wedding last week. Everyone is still talking about were amazing...Thanks again for helping to make the day so special." - Lesley Farrell

Wedding Magician: 11th September 2015. Colshaw Hall, Cheshire.

A man called Dieter Hill contacted me a couple of months ago. He was having a small, intimate wedding at the absolutely lovely Colshaw Hall in Cheshire, and was hoping I’d be able to add some close up magic to the day. They were planning of having around 40 guests in attendance, so were looking for some magic during that possible ‘lull’ period, following the meal. The idea was that, weather permitting, the guests would leave the dining area after they’d eaten, and I’d perform the magic in the hotel’s garden.

I’d delighted to say that the weather was absolutely on our side and the guests were able to have drinks and magic in the glorious summers night. The intimacy of the wedding hugely added to the day as well. All the guests knew each other already, so it was amazing fun as soon as I got started and was brilliant to be a part of the night.

If you’re looking to hire a magician in Cheshire (or anywhere else for that matter), please get in touch via the contact page above.

Party Magician: 30th August 2015. Knutsford, Cheshire.

Last April, I was asked to perform close up magic at Mere Golf Resort & Spa by a guy called Gerard Hall. Gerard was organising a 40th birthday party for a relative of his, and was looking for me to add some close up magic to the day. Following the event, Gerard posted the below testimonial on my Facebook page: After that, I was absolutely delighted to hear from Gerard again earlier this year. He’d just had a new baby girl with his lovely wife, and was hoping I’d be available to perform at her Christening in Knutsford, Cheshire. I’m always flattered when a previous clients gets in touch with me again about performing at another event, so I was delighted to see that I was available on the day.

There were going to be around 120 guests there, so I suggested that 2 hours of close up magic would be ideal.

Driving into the venue, I passed a large mechanical bull next to the entrance. Now, any of my friends would tell you I can’t resist a mechanical bull. I’ve got absolutely no idea why, but I’m always drawn to the idea of winning on them (if that’s even possible) and almost always want to give it a go - but I was here for work, so I resisted the temptation and made my way inside.

The party itself was brilliant. The guests were really loud, fun and seemed well up for the magic. Each table seemed to cheer louder than the last, and there was just a brilliant vibe surrounding the entire day.

When I’d finished, I made my way back to the car I saw the mechanical bull again - well, it wouldn’t hurt to have a quick go, I thought…

Private Party Magician: 29th August 2015. Knutsford, Cheshire

I received an email while I was performing away in Portugal, from a lady called Hazel. She was holding a 65th birthday at her home in Knutsford, Cheshire, and was looking to add something a little bit special to the day with some close up magic. There were going to be around 50 invited family and friends in attendance, so I advised that around 1 hour of close up magic, after they’d all eaten, would be absolutely perfect.

The day itself was gloriously sunny (a running theme for all the events I performed at that weekend), and Hazel had hired a lovely marquee and catering company to provide the food and setting for the celebration.

As soon as I walked into the garden I could feel the fun and upbeat atmosphere, and I knew that this was going to be an event to remember! Everyone was in a real party mood and the the magic seemed to hit just the right note.

Private parties like this are a real pleasure to be invited along to perform at, so it was fantastic to be a part of, and be able to add to the day.

Wedding Magician: 28th August 2015. Gibbon Bridge Hotel, Preston.

Arriving back in the UK from Las Vegas at 11am that morning - my friends and I quickly picked up our luggage from the carousel and jumped into the car, heading back to Liverpool. As a side note, I fly on a regular basis to perform my close up and stage magic shows, so I use a brilliant device called TrakDot which send an email to my phone (and updates via an app) to tell me if my luggage has arrived at the airport, the second I turn my phone on. Let me tell you, as simple as it sounds, it takes a tremendous amount of stress out of that awkward wait, as you’re lining up in the hope that your luggage has arrived with you!

After a quick sleep, I got my close up magic ready and headed off to the Gibbon Bridge Hotel in Preston, for the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Hulbert at 6pm that night.

After a 2 week holiday, it was brilliant to be able to dive straight back into performing - and I’m delighted to say the guests were amazing. I’d been hired to perform 2 hours of close up magic for the 90 guests in attendance, and it couldn’t have been better. Everyone was in a brilliant mood (especially after what I was told were some particularly memorable speeches) so it was brilliant to be able to add to the day.

The weather was on our side and I ended up performing out in the hotel’s garden in the sun! It wasn’t quite Las Vegas temperatures, but who am I to complain…

Manchester Magician with Coleen Rooney

Being a magician based in the North West, Manchester is one the main areas in which I regularly perform my close up and cabaret magic. Everywhere from Old Trafford to the Palace Hotel - if it’s a venue in Manchester, there is a very likely possibility that I’ve performed at it. Speaking of the Palace Hotel, a few years ago I was asked to perform some stage magic there as part of an awards evening. I’d recently won the title of ‘World Junior Magic Champion’ with a classical magic act I used to perform, and the organisers of the evening were hoping that I’d be able to present the act on the night.

It was a black tie affair with, from memory, around 300 people in attendance - along with some invited VIP guests.

The unusual thing about standing on stage (and something I’d imagine is relatively unknown) is that you’re literally looking into complete darkness, and can often see little more than the front row. Due to the intensely bright stage lighting and typically unlit seating area, you’re never actually able to see the audience - so I had absolutely no idea who was sitting there.

About half way though my act, I walked into the audience to find a volunteer. Now off stage, I was able to see the tables of people sitting there. I strolled amongst the dickie bowed collective trying to find someone who would be suitable, when suddenly I made eye-contact with someone I recognised. Sat right in front of me was Coleen Rooney, who was next to Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand. It turns out that one of the tables was made up of the Manchester United team!

Never one to turn down an opportunity, I asked Coleen if she’d mind joining me on stage and she graciously accepted. What a result, I thought.

Coleen assisted me in my ‘Floating Table’ illusion and was absolutely brilliant to have on stage! The performance went on to be featured in OK! Magazine and was covered in several national newspapers; which just goes to show what one chance opportunity can do.

I later went on to perform that act on a tour with Stephen Mulhern; I was flown to Atlanta, Georgia to perform it for The Society of American Magicians and was an invited performer during The Magic Circle Christmas Shows, which is where I performed the act for the final time.

Although I regularly perform as a close up and stage magician in Manchester, I’m also lucky enough to be able to perform my magic around the world - in fact, I happen to be writing this from Praia da Vitoria, Azores! So if you’re looking for a magician for your next party, event or wedding, whether it’s in Manchester or not, I’d love to be a part of it! Just drop me a message through the contact page and I’ll come straight back to you with my availability.

Magician Chester // Strange Gigs As a magician in Chester, I’m asked to perform at all off kinds of events - ranging from corporate awards dinners, to weddings and birthday parties. No matter what the event, the chances are I’ve been asked to perform at it at one point or another.

In fact, a strange one has just come to mind: I received a phone call about 8pm on Thursday, 28th February 2015 from a guy asking if I’d be available to perform at 7:30am the next morning! 7:30am!

A booking that last minute is fairly unusual (although not uncommon), but one so early in the morning is almost unheard of.

It turned out that the person phoning was from a vacuum cleaner sales company, and every so often they give their sales team something exciting and different to start their day. It helps them to sell more machines, apparently. They’d had morning discos; singers; and now, wanted a magician.

So, the following morning, after a huge cup of coffee (magicians generally don’t get up that early), I set off for the sales centre. When I arrived they were just about the wrap up a morning brief, after which they were going to introduce me.

To make it more surprising for the team, they didn't want to introduce me as ‘a magician.’ Rather, they told the staff that I was the owners son (young looks have to come in handy at some point) and that I’d be giving a talk on the companies numbers.

Having me be the ‘bosses son’ was a really fun idea actually. So now, in character, I stood in front of the collective 40 or so sales force and presented an impromptu presentation on the company - of which I knew nothing about, other than the words ‘vacuum cleaner.’

I offered to give a demonstration on how the team can improve their monthly sales, and asked if anyone had a banknote. Someone, who seemed slightly skeptical, reached into their wallet and handed me a £20 note. Slowly, I rolled it up; picked up the glasses of water which was on the table and continued to produce a real goldfish from it.

The response from the room was huge. They genuinely had no idea I was a magician and were fully expecting a tedious talk about finance, so the production of a live goldfish couldn’t have been more unexpected. It has nothing to do with ‘improving their monthly sales’ of course, but I thought it was as good an excuse as any.

I reintroduced myself to the group, now as the magician, and the next 20 minutes or so flew by. It turned out to be a really brilliant morning and was a really fun thing to do… even though it was at 7:30am.

Looking at my calendar for that day, is also happened that I was performing at The Griffin in Cheadle, Chester than night as well. The manager at the time, Lee, was looking for something different to attract customers to the restaurant on Friday nights and to get them talking about the venue with their friends - so he decided to have ‘Magic Fridays.’ It was a really good idea actually; not only were the guests getting great food, but they were also getting some close up magic right at their table, completely free.

I performed at The Griffin for a number of months, but unfortunately due to now performing out of the UK for the majority of the year, I was no longer able to continue. Close up magic is definitely something I’d recommend to restaurant owners though - it’s fun; it will get your guests talking about the restaurant and can also be perfect addition to particularly busy nights - keeping the guests happy whilst they wait for their food.

So if you’re holding a party, wedding or even something a bit more unusual in Chester (or anywhere for that matter), feel free to contact me via the contact page above; I’d love to be a part of it.

Do you travel?

One of the most common questions I get asked is how far I travel. Although I'm based in Liverpool, I've been lucky enough to travel the world performing magic, and have been able to visit everywhere from Atlanta, Georgia - for The Society of American Magicians; to Tokyo, Japan - where I consulted on and starred in an advert for Sony Bravia. So whether you're looking to hire me as a close up magician in Manchester, a corporate magician in London or even a stage magician in Dubai, feel free to get in touch - I'd love to be a part of it.

Wedding Magician: 24th July 2015. Thornton Hall, Wirral.

I've just returned home from Thornton Hall in the Wirral - which just so happens to be practically next door to Thornton Manor, where I performed at last Saturday. I'd been invited to perform as part of the celebrations for an Indian wedding. There were a whopping 350 guests there during the day, so I'd been asked to come along to entertain as many guests as possible with close up magic; just before the evening started.

Selina, the mother of the bride, had been recommended by services by someone who has seen me at another event and was looking for something fun and different to add to the day. It was certainly a task trying to see so many people, but it was brilliant fun to do and fantastic to be a part of such a special occasion.

Close up magic can be the perfect addition to weddings; it's memorable, unexpected, fun and the perfect ice-breaker for your guests. Check out the video below to see some of my close up magic filmed at various different events, and feel free to contact me via the links above to get in touch about your next part, event or wedding - I'd love to be a part of it!

Private Party Magician: 19th July 2015. Ainsdale, Southport.

I'm asked to perform my close up and stage magic at all kinds of different events, and today (Sunday, 19th July 2015) I was invited along to someone's home in Ainsdale, Southport. They were having a family BBQ and wanted to spice it up with some entertainment, so asked if I'd be able to perform. There were only around 40 guests, so I recommended around 1 hour of close up magic - strolling from group to group and performing magic with car keys, Rubik's cubes, fingers rings and, well, anything really!

It was a really fun and relaxed day, with a brilliant atmosphere! Everyone was in a great mood and there was a real buzz about the occasion, so it was brilliant to be a part of. Generally I perform close up magic at corporate events or weddings, so it was a real pleasure to be a part of such a relaxed occasion and be able to add to the day.