Magician Manchester

Close Up Magician: 3rd November 2015. Manchester.

I was invited along to perform close up magic at a private event in Manchester on the 3rd November 2015. The organisers had told me that there were going to be a number of high-profile celebrities in attendance, so they were looking to hire someone with a huge amount of experience - not only with performing in general, but also performing specifically to celebrities. They'd been passed my details by an events company who I've work with a number of times before on similar events, so they thought I'd be perfect for the night. The event was held in one of Manchester's most exclusive venues and I'd delighted to say that the magic seemed to go down a storm! As expected, there were a number of A-list celebrities in attendance, so it's always brilliant to be able to entertain some of the people you've grown up watching - and is always a huge honour to be a part of such a private event.

If you're looking to hire a close up magician in Manchester (or even a stage magician in Manchester), check out the videos below to see the kind of thing I'm able to offer:

Corporate Magician: 23rd September 2015. Manchester.

I work closely with a number of the other professional close up and stage magicians in the UK, and it’s always brilliant fun when I’m able to perform alongside one or more of them at various events. There can be a number of reasons for having multiple magicians - typically if there are more than around 120 guests at an event, you may want to consider having more than one magician perform, so that all of your guests are able to get involved with the magic. I’m more than happy to arrange this on your behalf, and can organise as many magicians as are required. What’s perfect about this, is that you know you’re only going to be getting the best magicians, without the headache of having to find them all and arrange it all yourself.

This was the case for this event. Another magician friend of mine had been asked if he could arrange 3 magicians to perform close up magic at a major corporate event in Manchester, so he phoned me to ask if I was available.

As it happened I was, and it was an absolute pleasure to performed at. One of the great things about working alongside other magicians, is none only the interaction between us all, but also the unique tricks that we’re able to perform as a team which wouldn’t be possible if we were performing on our own. It’s those moments that really make performing alongside other magicians fun and exciting.

If you’re holding an event in Manchester and are looking for a close up or stage magician (or several), take a look at the video below and get in touch today:

Magician Manchester - Show

Since my magic show at The Epstein Theatre in Liverpool earlier in the year, I’ve received a tremendous amount of emails and Facebook messages asking if I’ll be bringing my show to Manchester. I perform as a close up magician and stage magician in Manchester regularly, however it’s typically for corporate events or private parties, rather than public performances. With that in mind, I’m planning on doing a theatre magic show in Manchester soon - and you’re invited! What’s even better is that it’s going to be an ALL NEW show; so even if you’ve seen me before, this entire show will be different. I hugely excited about it.

Not only will the tricks be new, but I’ll also be mixing things up a bit and performing some close up magic on stage during the show - with he aid of HD cameras projected onto a huge screen!

It’s all in the planning stage at the minute and we’re still talking to a variety of theatres in Manchester to see which would be best suited for the show - but to be the first to find out when the tickets go on sale (and even get a pre-sale discount) feel free to sign up for my newsletter below. I send out a couple of emails a year with some of my latest news, magic trick videos and updates. Just pop your email address into the box below:

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By the way, if you’ve not seen them already, check out my magician Manchester videos below as well:

Manchester Magician with Coleen Rooney

Being a magician based in the North West, Manchester is one the main areas in which I regularly perform my close up and cabaret magic. Everywhere from Old Trafford to the Palace Hotel - if it’s a venue in Manchester, there is a very likely possibility that I’ve performed at it. Speaking of the Palace Hotel, a few years ago I was asked to perform some stage magic there as part of an awards evening. I’d recently won the title of ‘World Junior Magic Champion’ with a classical magic act I used to perform, and the organisers of the evening were hoping that I’d be able to present the act on the night.

It was a black tie affair with, from memory, around 300 people in attendance - along with some invited VIP guests.

The unusual thing about standing on stage (and something I’d imagine is relatively unknown) is that you’re literally looking into complete darkness, and can often see little more than the front row. Due to the intensely bright stage lighting and typically unlit seating area, you’re never actually able to see the audience - so I had absolutely no idea who was sitting there.

About half way though my act, I walked into the audience to find a volunteer. Now off stage, I was able to see the tables of people sitting there. I strolled amongst the dickie bowed collective trying to find someone who would be suitable, when suddenly I made eye-contact with someone I recognised. Sat right in front of me was Coleen Rooney, who was next to Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand. It turns out that one of the tables was made up of the Manchester United team!

Never one to turn down an opportunity, I asked Coleen if she’d mind joining me on stage and she graciously accepted. What a result, I thought.

Coleen assisted me in my ‘Floating Table’ illusion and was absolutely brilliant to have on stage! The performance went on to be featured in OK! Magazine and was covered in several national newspapers; which just goes to show what one chance opportunity can do.

I later went on to perform that act on a tour with Stephen Mulhern; I was flown to Atlanta, Georgia to perform it for The Society of American Magicians and was an invited performer during The Magic Circle Christmas Shows, which is where I performed the act for the final time.

Although I regularly perform as a close up and stage magician in Manchester, I’m also lucky enough to be able to perform my magic around the world - in fact, I happen to be writing this from Praia da Vitoria, Azores! So if you’re looking for a magician for your next party, event or wedding, whether it’s in Manchester or not, I’d love to be a part of it! Just drop me a message through the contact page and I’ll come straight back to you with my availability.

Do you travel?

One of the most common questions I get asked is how far I travel. Although I'm based in Liverpool, I've been lucky enough to travel the world performing magic, and have been able to visit everywhere from Atlanta, Georgia - for The Society of American Magicians; to Tokyo, Japan - where I consulted on and starred in an advert for Sony Bravia. So whether you're looking to hire me as a close up magician in Manchester, a corporate magician in London or even a stage magician in Dubai, feel free to get in touch - I'd love to be a part of it.

Birthday Party Magician: 12th July 2015. Cheadle, Hulme.

I don't perform at a huge amount of private parties in houses, but for some reason this month it has been really popular! They're brilliant fun to do - typically all the guests know each other already and there is just a great vibe around the day; so they're some of my favourite events to perform at. I received an email to ask if I'd be available on the 12th July 2015, to perform at a 70th birthday birthday party in Cheadle, Hulme. Sally, the lady who's birthday it was, wanted to add something different and unique to the day so thought hiring a close up magician to walk around the guests would be perfect. Naturally, I agreed... although I may be somewhat bias.

Sally had told me she was expecting around 50 guests for the day, so I said that 1 hour of close up magic would be perfect.

Holding the party in her garden (thankfully, out in the glorious sunshine), I was set to perform after the guests had eaten a specially catered hog-roast. The guests seemed to love the magic and Sally told me afterwards she couldn't have been more delighted with the response.

It was a real pleasure to be a part of the day and I was thrilled I was able to make it that extra bit special.

Happy birthday, Sally! Looking forward to being a part of your 70th.

Private Party Magician: 11th July 2015. Urmston, Manchester.

One of the great joys of being a magician is just how different each day, and is event I'm able to perform at is. I received a phone call from someone called Nick, who had been recommended by services as a close up magician by a friend of his who had seen me at another event. Nick was arranging a 70th birthday party and was having his friends and family around to his house for a BBQ, so was hoping I'd be available to perform during the afternoon. His house was in Urmston, Manchester, and there were around 70 invited guests, so I suggested that around 1 hour of close up magic would be perfect for the day.

The weather wasn't brilliant (typical British summer, and all that) but that didn't stop anyone from a having a great time! Under the cover of the marquee in the garden, the guests gathered around and applauded, laughed and and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the magic. There was just such an infectious joyfulness about the day, that it would have been impossible not to have a good time, so it was a real pleasure to be a part of.

I was able to grab a burger from the BBQ before I left as well, result!

Manchester Magician - The Secret Room

I’m often requested to be a close up or stage magician at weddings and corporate events in Manchester, but I’m also occasionally asked if I’d be available to perform at private parties in houses in Manchester - whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or celebration. These are usually brilliant fun and can be some of my favourite events to perform at - but due to the unique situation of the event being in a house, I often like to offer my ‘mystery room’ magic show, Room 42.

Imagine having a room allocated in your house or venue, with a sign on the door saying ‘Room 42.’ The guests have no idea what is inside the room, but are invited the enter in small groups; typically of between 5-10 people, depending on the number of guests.

Upon entering the room, they’ll meet me and get to watch and be involved in a private magic show, just for them.

Here’s the exciting bit: once the performance has finished they are able to re-join the party, but are asked to keep what happens in the room a secret. They can tell people how much they enjoyed it but they cannot say that is it a magic show. This creates an amazing and unique buzz around the party, and builds a huge sense of anticipation whilst the other guests wait to be invited inside.

Room 42 is not only a phenomenally different and fun addition to an event, but it also has a number of other added benefits as well. Firstly, due to the room being free of any distractions that often happen when I’m performing as a close up magician (new people joining the group or arriving to the party; food being brought over; speeches suddenly starting mid-way through a trick etc.) it means your guests are able to fully enjoy the magic without everything else happening in the room at the same time.

Secondly, it’s allows you as the host to chat to your guests and ensure you get to see everyone. As the organiser of the party, you’ll probably find yourself in the position of being a ‘social butterfly,’ trying to see as many of your guests as possible. With Room 42, you’ll be able to ensure you get to chat to everyone, as you invite them to enter the room in small groups. You’ll also get to see first hand the excitement and anticipation your guests will experience as they wait to be brought inside.

Thirdly, it’s different! Your guests will undoubtedly remember your party for having such an exciting and distinctive form of entertainment - and the fact that they’re not able to talk about what is inside the room only builds up the suspense.

Each performance inside Room 42 generally runs around 10 minutes, but this time can be made longer or shorter depending on your number of guests and how many groups there will be.

So whether you’re looking for close up magic in Manchester or a Room 42 performance in Manchester, feel free to contact me to get more information and a quote.

Close Up Magician: 3rd June 2015. The Lowry, Manchester.

Manchester Magician Stephen Williams performed at the opening night of Wicked! Find out more below... I was recently asked to perform some close up magic at the opening night of the musical Wicked, at the Manchester Lowry. Although I'm based in Liverpool, I'm very often asked to perform as a magician in Manchester, and with being a huge fan of the show (it's hard not to be!), I was delighted they got in touch to ask me to come along.

The show's organisers were holding a VIP drinks reception for the premier night, and were looking for something unique, intriguing and fun to offer the guests before the show - so I was thrilled to hear that they had been recommended my services as a close up magician by someone who had seen me before.

Upon arriving to the theatre, I walked into the designated room and was astonished to find it transformed into all things Oz! Remarkebly, the entire place, including the flowers and tables had all been changed to match the show. It really did look amazing.

I mingled with the guests as they walked in and performed some close up magic to them in small groups. It was brilliant fun and the guests seem to really enjoy the magic, so it was a pleasure to perform.

It was an honour to be asked to be a part of the night and I'm looking forward to being back at The Lowry again soon.

If you're having an event in Manchester and are thinking about having a magician come along, check out my Manchester Magician page to see the kind of thing I offer, read reviews and watch some of my magic in action.

Magician Manchester

So this was it, my last event before Christmas Day. It's been an absolutely exhausting but really fun month, and I've had a great time performing as a close up magician in Manchester and around the country. Still in the festive spirit, I walked into The Midland Hotel in Manchester, black forest hot chocolate in hand, and was immediately stuck by the huge Christmas tree in the centre of the hotel foyer. I even managed to take a cheeky selfie (above). The Midland is a lovely hotel which I've performed at several times - but this event was a company christmas party. They'd gone to Mike, the event planner, looking for something unique that would really get the party going and have a real buzz in the room. Mike recommended me and my close up magic. After taking a look at my video and testimonials on this website the company confirmed the booking. It was actually my second event that day, as earlier on, I'd been invited to perform as a magician in Liverpool for a very Chrstmassy wedding! I'll upload some pictures in another post.

I'd been told I was performing on the 6th floor, but as I approached the lift I noticed a 'filming notice' sign. Apparently they're filming a new TV show in the hotel and said that guests, by entering the hotel, could be captured on film at any point. Optimistically, I looked around for the cameras, planning on showing them a trick (free publicity and all that) but unfortunately it seemed like they'd gone home for the day. This was, after all, 8:30pm on a Saturday night so I can't say I blame them really.

The company, of around 40 employees, had hired a lovely intimate room with just 4 tables. It can be brilliant performing at an event like this, as with there not being a huge number of guests it allows me to really get to know them as have some fun based on what is happening in the room... I don't think Julie will ever live that trivia question down!

The night was fantastic and the guests seemed really up for not only the magic, but just having a real laugh. Never before have I been at an event where the room bursts into spontaneously singing Rick Astley's hit, 'Never Gonna Give You Up' quite like these did! There wasn't even any background music playing so I've got no idea how it happened. Absolutely brilliant!

If you're looking to hire a close up magician in Manchester (or anywhere else really) take a look at my video below: