Magician Cheshire

Corporate Magician: 14th November 2015. Skipton, Yorkshire.

Wealth management company, The Pentelow Practice, hired me for their annual client event in November of last year, at Goldsborough Hall in North Yorkshire. They hold the event to celebrate and thank some of their biggest clients; so invited me along to perform some close up magic (and a hint of stage magic) on the night. Following the event, Lynn, the lady who had hired me for the night, sent me the below lovely email:

“Hi Stephen, Just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you on behalf of The Pentelow Practice for performing for us at our recent Black Tie Event at Goldsborough Hall. You helped to create a wonderful atmosphere for both clients and ourselves at the Drinks Reception and during dinner. Some great close up magic tricks which took everyone by surprise and a wonderful finale. We will not hesitate in booking you again for future events.” - Lynn Snarr; The Pentelow Practice Ltd

A few months later, Lynn got in touch with me again to see if I'd be available to perform at this years event - this time held at the fantastic Broughton Hall in Skipton. There were roughly 100 guests in attendance so I suggested that 2 hours of close up magic would be perfect.

It was brilliant to be asked back by Lynn and a pleasure to see them all there again! I'm looking forward to seeing them all again next year...

Corporate Magician: 20th September 2015. Tesco Party, Frodsham.

A branch of Tesco in Frodsham was celebrating it’s 10 Year Anniversary at the Forest Hills Hotel, so asked if I could go along to entertain the managers and employees - starting the evening off with a bang. They’d been recommended my details by someone who had seen me perform before, so they were looking for close up magic - strolling from group to group and table to table, before the evening disco started. The event was a huge amount of fun (who doesn’t love a free company party) and one trick in particular seemed to be the real talking point of the night, so I’ll be sure to upload a video of that one soon.

It was great to be able to add to the party, and they booked my that night to perform at their Christmas event as well, which is absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait to see them all again there!

Wedding Magician: 11th September 2015. Colshaw Hall, Cheshire.

A man called Dieter Hill contacted me a couple of months ago. He was having a small, intimate wedding at the absolutely lovely Colshaw Hall in Cheshire, and was hoping I’d be able to add some close up magic to the day. They were planning of having around 40 guests in attendance, so were looking for some magic during that possible ‘lull’ period, following the meal. The idea was that, weather permitting, the guests would leave the dining area after they’d eaten, and I’d perform the magic in the hotel’s garden.

I’d delighted to say that the weather was absolutely on our side and the guests were able to have drinks and magic in the glorious summers night. The intimacy of the wedding hugely added to the day as well. All the guests knew each other already, so it was amazing fun as soon as I got started and was brilliant to be a part of the night.

If you’re looking to hire a magician in Cheshire (or anywhere else for that matter), please get in touch via the contact page above.

Party Magician: 30th August 2015. Knutsford, Cheshire.

Last April, I was asked to perform close up magic at Mere Golf Resort & Spa by a guy called Gerard Hall. Gerard was organising a 40th birthday party for a relative of his, and was looking for me to add some close up magic to the day. Following the event, Gerard posted the below testimonial on my Facebook page: After that, I was absolutely delighted to hear from Gerard again earlier this year. He’d just had a new baby girl with his lovely wife, and was hoping I’d be available to perform at her Christening in Knutsford, Cheshire. I’m always flattered when a previous clients gets in touch with me again about performing at another event, so I was delighted to see that I was available on the day.

There were going to be around 120 guests there, so I suggested that 2 hours of close up magic would be ideal.

Driving into the venue, I passed a large mechanical bull next to the entrance. Now, any of my friends would tell you I can’t resist a mechanical bull. I’ve got absolutely no idea why, but I’m always drawn to the idea of winning on them (if that’s even possible) and almost always want to give it a go - but I was here for work, so I resisted the temptation and made my way inside.

The party itself was brilliant. The guests were really loud, fun and seemed well up for the magic. Each table seemed to cheer louder than the last, and there was just a brilliant vibe surrounding the entire day.

When I’d finished, I made my way back to the car I saw the mechanical bull again - well, it wouldn’t hurt to have a quick go, I thought…

Private Party Magician: 29th August 2015. Knutsford, Cheshire

I received an email while I was performing away in Portugal, from a lady called Hazel. She was holding a 65th birthday at her home in Knutsford, Cheshire, and was looking to add something a little bit special to the day with some close up magic. There were going to be around 50 invited family and friends in attendance, so I advised that around 1 hour of close up magic, after they’d all eaten, would be absolutely perfect.

The day itself was gloriously sunny (a running theme for all the events I performed at that weekend), and Hazel had hired a lovely marquee and catering company to provide the food and setting for the celebration.

As soon as I walked into the garden I could feel the fun and upbeat atmosphere, and I knew that this was going to be an event to remember! Everyone was in a real party mood and the the magic seemed to hit just the right note.

Private parties like this are a real pleasure to be invited along to perform at, so it was fantastic to be a part of, and be able to add to the day.

Magician Chester // Strange Gigs As a magician in Chester, I’m asked to perform at all off kinds of events - ranging from corporate awards dinners, to weddings and birthday parties. No matter what the event, the chances are I’ve been asked to perform at it at one point or another.

In fact, a strange one has just come to mind: I received a phone call about 8pm on Thursday, 28th February 2015 from a guy asking if I’d be available to perform at 7:30am the next morning! 7:30am!

A booking that last minute is fairly unusual (although not uncommon), but one so early in the morning is almost unheard of.

It turned out that the person phoning was from a vacuum cleaner sales company, and every so often they give their sales team something exciting and different to start their day. It helps them to sell more machines, apparently. They’d had morning discos; singers; and now, wanted a magician.

So, the following morning, after a huge cup of coffee (magicians generally don’t get up that early), I set off for the sales centre. When I arrived they were just about the wrap up a morning brief, after which they were going to introduce me.

To make it more surprising for the team, they didn't want to introduce me as ‘a magician.’ Rather, they told the staff that I was the owners son (young looks have to come in handy at some point) and that I’d be giving a talk on the companies numbers.

Having me be the ‘bosses son’ was a really fun idea actually. So now, in character, I stood in front of the collective 40 or so sales force and presented an impromptu presentation on the company - of which I knew nothing about, other than the words ‘vacuum cleaner.’

I offered to give a demonstration on how the team can improve their monthly sales, and asked if anyone had a banknote. Someone, who seemed slightly skeptical, reached into their wallet and handed me a £20 note. Slowly, I rolled it up; picked up the glasses of water which was on the table and continued to produce a real goldfish from it.

The response from the room was huge. They genuinely had no idea I was a magician and were fully expecting a tedious talk about finance, so the production of a live goldfish couldn’t have been more unexpected. It has nothing to do with ‘improving their monthly sales’ of course, but I thought it was as good an excuse as any.

I reintroduced myself to the group, now as the magician, and the next 20 minutes or so flew by. It turned out to be a really brilliant morning and was a really fun thing to do… even though it was at 7:30am.

Looking at my calendar for that day, is also happened that I was performing at The Griffin in Cheadle, Chester than night as well. The manager at the time, Lee, was looking for something different to attract customers to the restaurant on Friday nights and to get them talking about the venue with their friends - so he decided to have ‘Magic Fridays.’ It was a really good idea actually; not only were the guests getting great food, but they were also getting some close up magic right at their table, completely free.

I performed at The Griffin for a number of months, but unfortunately due to now performing out of the UK for the majority of the year, I was no longer able to continue. Close up magic is definitely something I’d recommend to restaurant owners though - it’s fun; it will get your guests talking about the restaurant and can also be perfect addition to particularly busy nights - keeping the guests happy whilst they wait for their food.

So if you’re holding a party, wedding or even something a bit more unusual in Chester (or anywhere for that matter), feel free to contact me via the contact page above; I’d love to be a part of it.

Do you travel?

One of the most common questions I get asked is how far I travel. Although I'm based in Liverpool, I've been lucky enough to travel the world performing magic, and have been able to visit everywhere from Atlanta, Georgia - for The Society of American Magicians; to Tokyo, Japan - where I consulted on and starred in an advert for Sony Bravia. So whether you're looking to hire me as a close up magician in Manchester, a corporate magician in London or even a stage magician in Dubai, feel free to get in touch - I'd love to be a part of it.

Cheshire Magician


Well Christmas is nearly upon us, but I did manage to squeeze in a couple more events this weekend before the big day. Before I tell you about one of them though, I'd honestly like to thank everyone who has hired me to perform close up magic or cabaret magic at one of their events over the past month. This has genuinely been my busiest December since I became a professional magician and I really do have you to thank you it. My business as a magician has continued to grow year upon year; and 2014 has not only allowed me to perform at my record number of events, but I've also found myself entertaining with close up magic at more events which came from either being personally recommended by someone who had seen be before, who had booked me before. It's always a huge compliment when someone who has seen me before recommends me to a friend of their - so it's something I genuinely do appreciate!

Whether you've hired me to perform as a close up magician in Cheshire, a corporate magician in London or a wedding magician in Liverpool, I'd like to thank you for your support over the past year and would love to be a part of your events in 2015 as well.

That said, on Friday night I was invited to perform close up magic at the Christmas party of Heyrose Golf Club in Knutsford, Cheshire. Phil, this years Captain, wanted something different and fun, so thought having a close up magician perform between courses would be perfect. The night was brilliant and the club's members were really in the festive mood, which made they night fly by.

He'd also asked if I could perform my signature 'Floating Table Illusion,' which I was more than happy to and ended up being the perfect way to end the night!

If you're looking to hire a close up magician in Cheshire (or anywhere really) take a look at the video below to see the kind of thing that I do, and check out the other pages above to find out more!

Performing for Royalty... Nearly.


Corporate Magician in Cheshire Stephen Williams. Magician performing for royalty in Cheshire. Best Magician for hire in Cheshire.So, last night I was invited to perform close up magic at the Duke of Westminster's Estate; Eaton Hall in Cheshire, for an event in aid of the incredible charity, The Prince's Trust. I knew that Prince Charles and Camilla had been in attendance for the previous two years of the event - so not only was I delighted to be a part of the evening, but this, excitingly, was my chance to perform for royalty. Upon entering the grounds I drove passed wild deer, horses and geese. The vast amount of grounds the estate encompassed was quite astonishing, and I, rather embarrassingly, found myself getting lost. Security wasn't long behind me though and were happy to direct...

I was told where would be best to park; so surrounded by stunning Bentleys, Jaguars and Ferraris, I reversed my Corsa into the allocated space and made my way towards the main building. The Corsa is only for insurance reasons, honest.

Walking into the private black-tie affair, rocking a pair of brilliantly white trainers; pockets filled with all manner of magical paraphernalia and a small goldfish tank in hand; I was ready to perform. The event was absolutely fantastic, and there was a real, palpable buzz within the room. I couldn't see any members of the royal family there just yet... stuck in traffic, I'd imagine. Well, either that or I'd stolen their parking space.

The main part of the evening was held within an hugely impressive marquee, provided by Mahood Marquees. I had been hired to provide close up magic throughout the evening, before the star guest for the evening, Lulu, performed an intimate 1 hour set for the 350 invited attendees.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the magic, and it was great to be a part of the night and meet so many interesting people. Unfortunately, however, an announcement was made to say that Prince Charles and Camilla wouldn't be able to make it but sent their best. This was a real shame, as I would have loved to have shown them some magic; mostly, if I'm honest, because it would have looked brilliant on the website.

Although it was a bit disappointing that members of the royal family couldn't make it, Lulu was there; so that still counts, doesn't it?


If you're looking for a Magician in Cheshire (or anywhere else for that matter), visit the contact page to find out what Stephen can offer your event.